CWG Corporation invests in directed ecology projects, water treatment and wastewater treatment projects, new construction, reconstruction, expansion and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises and systems.

Most commercial organisations from time to time face with the necessity of investment in activities. Even companies, which for some reason do not seek to expand their business,  have to update fixed assets sooner or later, and it presupposes investment.


The CWG Corporation has several variants of investment in both working and new businesses by study a provided business plan. It may be as a direct investment, for example, the sale of business parts, and the attraction of investment in specific projects (financial project).


A company should be the investment attractive to receive money into a business or a project.


In addition to a business plan, our company will need a detailed analysis, evaluation and economic justification of the investment project in to make a clear decision.


The CWG Corporation needs an investment project as the investment cycle, which covers three stages:


* Pre-investment. An alternative investment decisions are developed and evaluated at this step. After, their actual version is accepted for realization;

* Investment. A direct realisation of the adopted investment decision is implemented. It must be legal, physical, financial, organisational basis, acquisition and transfer of technologies, construction, preliminary marketing, recruitment and training of personnel, introduction in the operation;

* Post-investment. This step provides the control over the achievements of specified parameters of investment decisions during the operation of the investment object.