About Us


We, CWG Corporation, are an international investment management group of companies. We cooperate with a lot of companies in different spheres on partner or representative rights.

Our fields of activity:

▪ trust management;

▪ investment in a business development;

▪ investment in a perspective business;

▪ investment in water treatment;

▪ venture investment;

▪ investment in construction and real estate;

▪ investment in production;


▪ to provide loans;

▪ investment in the equity participation in the capital;

▪ structured financing;

▪ build-up project implementation;

▪ the establishment of trade relations between different representatives in different countries;

▪ provide support to our partners and representatives;

▪ resources insurance

▪ marketing research

Why Choose Us


The most perspective and profitable projects and estimate of investment projects


Perspective directions of investment and the mutual cooperation


Partners and representatives in new countries.